K3PZN Field Day 2008

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment
before starting to improve the world." - Anne Frank (1929-1945)

ENJOY THESE PHOTOS and news bits from our
Carroll County Amateur Radio Club activity on
Saturday and Sunday, June 28-29, 2008, at the
Carroll County Emergency Operations Center
Westminster, Maryland  21157

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Photos by Pat Kilroy, N8PK

   PK Image # L2.1959: The K3PZN site for FD 2008

   PK Image 1963: John Operating On Solar Power

   PK Image 1968: K3PZN Solar Power Station for Bonus Points

   QuickTime Movie 1970: Solar Station Pan With Andy and John (LARGE FILE)

   PK Image 1971: John and Pete At Work

   #1973: John Copies the ARRL Bulletin (Bonus Points!)

   #1974: John and Pete Cover the Digital Station

   #1975: John's Digital Station, Outside View

   #1977: K3PZN Antennas

   #1985: William Operating

   #1986: Jeff Operating

   #1988: William, Jeff and Tony Going Strong

   #1990: Jeff and Tony Operating

   #1993: Jeff and Pat Operating

   #1994: Eldersburg Eagle Reporter Bob Interviews Curt

   #1996: Pat's Finishing Touch on our Crab Soup Table

   #1997: Come 'n' Get It: snapshot K3PZN Dinner Line

   #1998: Pete, Just After a Long Run On Frequency

   #2002: Teen Necessities

   #2003: Teen Slumber

   #2004: Teen Pause In Action

   #2005: John Operating

   #2006: VHF Rig Stack

   #2007: Our Public Info Table (Bonus Points!)

   #2009: Bekah, Oops!

   #2013: Bekah Operating

   #2016: Our Operator Sign-In Board

   #2017: Andy Operating

   #2018: Bekah and Pat Share a Light Moment

   #2020: Curt Takes A Different View

   #2019: Field Day Over, John Starts Clean Up

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